In this page you will find information about past or future workshop co-organized by the E2SWITCH project.
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Steep Transistors Workshop 2016
Energy Efficient Computing Devices and Circuits
11–12th September 2016
EPFL, Lausanne
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Following the first successful workshop at University of Notre Dame, USA, a second workshop related to Steep Slope Transistors has been arranged in combination with the ESSDERC conference at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. Steep transistors with subthreshold swings less than 60 mV/decade are attracting attention worldwide due to their promise to enable electronic systems operating at 300 mV and below. Interband tunneling or internal gain mechanisms in the gate enable the steep onset of current with gate voltage. This field has seen dramatic development over the last few years, however there is yet no consensus on materials or device architecture, and the mechanisms limiting current performance are the subject of wide study. There are an increasing number of projections about the application space for these transistors, which is now extending beyond digital into the analog domain. This two-day workshop at the EPFL was build on the experiences from the first workshop to refine understanding and accelerate the development by discussions on electrostatics, influence on defects, materials selection, as well as digital and analogue metrics.
The workshop format followed the organization at the first workshop with short focused presentations given by invited speakers that were combined with focused discussion sessions guided by invited chairs and panelists. The workshop included in the ESSDERC framework and may thus be selected by all participants for a special fee, depending on the participation in the ESSDERC conference. Besides the workshop, a focus session on “Implementation of Steep Slope Transistors for Circuit Applications” has been arranged at the ESSDERC conference.
Lars-Erik Wernersson
Lund University, Sweden
E2SWITCH Project
Alan Seabaugh
University of Notre Dame, Indiana
SRC/STARnet Center for Low Energy Systems Technology (LEAST)
Kirsten Moselund
IBM Zuerich, Switzerland
E2SWITCH Project
Aaron Thean
IMEC, Belgium
E2SWITCH Project
Eli Yablonovitch
University of California Berkeley, USA
SRC/STARnet Center for Low Energy Systems Technology (LEAST)
Adrian Ionescu
EPFL, Switzerland
E2SWITCH Project
The organizers are from the European E2SWITCH consortium, the SRC/STARnet Center for Low Energy Systems Technology (LEAST), and the Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science (E3S). These centers are actively developing steep transistors.
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Steep Transistors Workshop 2015
Energy Efficient Computing Devices and Circuits
5–6th October 2015
University of Notre Dame
In the Quest of Zero Power
Energy Efficient Computing Devices and Circuits
26th September 2014