3 open positions at Lund university

The E2SWITCH from Lund University, Sweden has presently three open PhD positions and is looking for suitable candidates.

The research within the Nanoelectronics group at Lund University focuses on science and technology for emerging ICT applications. Their efforts build on knowledge in nanotechnology that are combined with conventional top-down device processing for post Si CMOS applications. The group has extensive collaborations related to, for instance, antenna design, communication technologies, surface science and transport physics that they combine with their key competence in device technology.

The PhD positions aim at fabrication of III-V MOSFETs and III-V MOSFET low-power circuits in nanowire/FinFET geometries. A particular focus will be on the development of device technology to meet circuit specifications. The research will primarily involve device and circuit fabrication as well as materials evaluation. The positions may involve a combination of experimental and theoretical work.

Last application date: 2017-03-15
Contact: Prof. Lars-Erik Wernersson, +46-46-2229003, lars-erik.wernersson@eit.lth.se

More information can be found here.